Thursday, April 4, 2013

Power Bites (raw snacks)

A way to win someone's heart is by being a little bit sweet...
I made these for the Medical Assistants and Doctors I've been practicing my externship with. I thought this would be a perfect recipe for them because:
-The healthy carbs from the Medjool Dates & healthy fats from the Hemp Seeds & Almonds will help sustain all the energy they are burning from all the thinking they do & walking on their feet for long hours.
-Sharing food with others breaks ice barriers and draws a community closer.
They devoured these.
I spent about 20-30 minutes forming these by hand. I put on my ipod and began to get creative with my hands.
-Medjool Dates
-Plain raw Almonds
-Hemp Seeds
-Sea Salt
Shape them up however you like. I cut the medjool dates halves in half and sprinkled a tad of Cinnamon on them. Then I topped them off with half an almond, hemp seeds, & sea salt.
Medjool Dates are great for instant energy. They digest quickly, aid digestion for good bowel movements (great against constipation), & are known as Nature's Candy.
Since ancient times Medjool Dates have been eaten to break the fast during Ramadan months.
They are great for the skin, they have Vitamin A to strengthen vision, & contain anti-oxidants.
They are a good source of potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, & B-vitamins.
They are great for bone health since they contain good levels of magnesium and vitamin K.
Find out about the amazing benefits of Hemp Seeds on my post by clicking here.
One of my favorite spices is Cinnamon. It regulates blood sugar levels, it provides anti-clotting benefits, it is anti-microbial, it stimulates the brain, & are a great source for calcium & fiber.
Stay sweet & keep it real.

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