Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chaga-Caramel Iced Tonic

I was gifted this dried Chaga from a friend who lives in an area up north where wild Chaga grows. After a long day at school, I came home to find at the doorstep....Chaga mushroom! I get more excited over Chaga mushroom than an iPhone (true story). I received this mushroom as a wonderful unforgettable gift at the perfect time too. Being so busy with school lately has made me spend little time in nature, so holding these Chaga nuggets, even SEEING them in person, felt so amazing and grounding to be connected to the energy of this completely wild food.
 I've seen videos of it and pictures but it's been hard getting a hold of it. I actually bought a bag of Chaga in Berkeley a few months ago but I may have bought something that they confused Chaga with. When I made the tea with my friend it reeked her kitchen and it was offensively bitter, almost toxic bitter. Of course I managed to get down half of my brewed cup because I wanted some Chaga darn it! haha. An online friend from Keystone Herbs was so kind to have sent me some of their wild harvested Chaga to make up for my first time trying "Chaga" that went bad. I will never forget this thoughtful gift.
Well this Chaga that was gifted to me came from Keystoneherbs.com. It tasted wonderful. It has a very mild aroma of Vanilla and the Vanilla was also detectable in the tea. I needed no sweetener. It was perfect. 
Chaga-Caramel Iced Tonic
This drink has a nice hint of Caramel flavor thanks to the Maca powder, is very refreshing, energizing yet calming at the same time, & grounding. Besides being enjoyable, both the Maca powder & Chaga tea have incredible immune boosting properties & they are stress relieving. The synergy of these two ingredients make this drink a powerhouse for healing joints, relieving inflammation, prevention of cancer, & nourishing the body with anti-oxidants.
-1 cup cooled Chaga tea (Boil on medium high about a teaspoon of small pieces of dried Chaga in 4 cups in a pot for 30-40 minutes. Then strain the pieces of Chaga.)
-1/2 teaspoon raw Maca powder
-2 drops Stevia Extract (or use raw honey, or maple syrup to your preferred taste)

Blend in a blender or mix by hand thoroughly.


  1. Isn't it? All the info you can find on Chaga is truly amazing. I love that it tastes pleasant too :)

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