Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chocolate Macadamia Bites (Decadently Healthy)

Chocolate Dates Macadamia 
 Get it?
Three of my favorite foods in one recipe. These past few weeks I have been going crazy over Medjool Dates. I could eat a plate filled of only Macadamias and be the happiest person! Cacao just sits deep in my heart. I've been enjoying pure chocolate pretty often throughout the week lately.
The picture speaks for itself. This recipe is as simple as it looks.
Recipe: Serves 2
-2 soft Medjool Dates
-8 Macadamia nuts
-Your favorite healthy chocolate bar (or homemade). Another great way I've been enjoying these with less sugar from the chocolate bar is to simply use Cacao Nibs. The Medjool Dates are sweet enough! Cacao Nibs are a little hard to the bite & would add a great crunchy texture.
-Sea Salt
To create, remove the pits from your Medjool Dates. Now open your Medjool Date all the way to create halves. Chop in half or in smaller pieces your Macadamia nuts. Two Macadamias for each Medjool Date half is a good base. Slice off small chunks or pieces of your chocolate bar. Add the pieces of your Macadamias & chocolate to each half of the Medjool Dates. If you are using Cacao Nibs then sprinkle about a teaspoon on each half. Lightly sprinkle a touch of Sea Salt. Enjoy! You can double the recipe and store these in the refrigerator covered for a couple of weeks.
These are enjoyable as a snack, pre-workout, & dessert.
I used my favorite chocolate bar at the moment :)
 I like my sandwiches closed.

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  1. OOOOH my goodness that looks divine! Great blog.