Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday's Eats, Dorky Gym Outfit, and Self-Awakening

Hey guys! So I've finally decided to post a few blogs here and there of my daily eats and fitness training. On facebook I post a lot of pictures of some of the things I eat but I haven't really done a post on what I have in a day. For some reason I've always felt it would be a little weird to take a picture of everything I eat in a day and show it to everyone. However, I've had a few people recently ask me to post something that would show a good lunch or a healthy good post work-out meal. Then yesterday my younger sister told me that one of her friends was curious as to what my diet way of eating is like because she isn't sure what healthy foods to choose for a decent meal. So this brought me to making a post or two a week of my daily eats...maybe during a busy school day? a day eating outside and what to choose from the salad bar? and a workout day as well? and of course those party weekends :)
A thought that just came through my mind~ Don't you find it weird that...we don't know what to feed ourselves? We have drifted so far away from our traditional nourishment and natural living that we find ourselves searching the internet of what is healthy for us humans to consume. There are scientists "discovering" the health benefits of this fruit, that plant, this protein, that fat, and publishing the articles. In ancient times, our ancestors new about these foods and the proper way to process them and consume them. They didn't turn on their iPhones or pop their lap top open to search how many grams of fat they should be eating a day, which herbs are good for healing (they knew this), and what is edible and not. With the introduction of industrialization, our connection to the natural wild life has been lost. Our society is so fast paced and we lead very busy lives. It is soo soo convenient to drive up to the store, walk to the frozen isle, grab a frozen meal, and heat it up in the microwave in 5 minutes. Minimal preparation and clean-up. Very little personal connection to the food we are eating.
Thankfully we have many resources today to become re-informed of what is healthy for us. Don't forget though, to listen to your body! Your digestion plays a huge role in your health. If you get bloated, pay attention to that. If you get gassy, pay attention to that. The food you digest will impact your mood and health. Your second brain is in your gut.
Lets awaken ourselves by becoming well-informed and being in tune with our body.
I may need to use a better camera next time :)
A few things about the way I eat:
Some days I eat 2 or 3 BIG meals,
other days I snack a lot and have smaller meals,
some days I have breakfast early, other days I have breakfast break my fast later in the day like around noon, I try to eat dehydrated packaged foods as little as possible like power bars even if they are totally natural but I've been eating outside a lot and going to classes so every day now I've been having at least 1 snack bar, I eat when I'm hungry, and I eat till I am satisfied. Most of my meals are kept pretty simple because I eat a lot of food and want to make it easy to digest and look good haha.
Today was a lot of snacks. I had a heavy work out so I made sure I ate enough.
Breakfast : Breakfast around 10 at home of Blackberries that were on sale for 2 bux each box, and this bar that I absolutely love at the moment! It is so delicious and energizing. I usually eat this right before my Biology class and lab class to get me through the serious brain torture. (Lots of info thrown in that class) I'm going to do a review of this bar soon.

It's green and brown from all the herbs in it, but its delish and chewy.
Me and my super dorky gym outfit. I was about to go powerlift, not walk a run way.
(I always wear shorts over jeggings when I'm going to do squats for coverage purposes ha)
I do like to wear pretty colors to the gym because I'm always the only girl in the weight room lifting heavy weights with all the macho guys. Don't want to send the wrong message! lol. Gotta keep it girly ;)

I'm doing the program 5x5 Strong Lifts
Back Squats 125lbs: 5 sets of 5 reps
Overhead barbell shoulder press (weakness, 55lbs): 5x5
Deadlifts: 145lbs 5x5
Did deadlifts again for fun 115 lbs of 1 set and 15 reps

Body weight about 115 lbs and I'm 5'2; a total shorty.

Came back home for a Post Work-Out Smoothie: bananas, Coconut Water, a spoonful of Maca powder, Spirulina powder, Cinnamon, and dashes of Sea Salt. Don't be afraid of salt!

This was super sweet and delicious...there is no green taste :)

After getting some things done I went over to the Whole Foods nearby and made myself ceviche. I bought raw salmon and a lime. I added some Sesame seeds and a little bit of Tamari sauce. I went to a coffee shop and ate it with the leftovers from last night's dinner with my younger sis at Café Gratitude. This is raw pesto pasta. The pasta is made of Kelp noodles and doesn't taste like anything at all. The raw pesto was yummy. It's made out of sprouted nuts instead of cheese.
I did a lot of studying for my Bio exam coming up and started a little bit of Math homework.
I ate this raw snack bar created of soaked seeds and dried fruit with Spirulina. It's pretty good and crunchy. Lydia's Organics sells these. Lydia is so sweet and I love what her business stands for :)
I had this a long with some sprouted almonds I had in my backpack that I bought from a local grocery store. 

For dinner I had lemon garlic herbed chicken from Whole Foods, a fat sweet potato, and a crunchy salad.
I like to finish eating for the day before 8pm, and I don't get hungry after that.
Choose your health by choosing your foods :) 


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