Sunday, March 10, 2013

High Vibe Coconut Water Wheatgrass drink

( easy recipe below)
Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water
Thank you, thank you for being on the market!
Whenever I feel like drinking a sweet juice, specially after a workout if I want something light and refreshing, my go-to is Coconut water.
Sometimes I buy the whole young Coconut and scrape off the coconut meat to save for later (which is a little time consuming.)
I used to drink Coconut water from the store bought brands, which are all pasturized and honestly, they don't have a fuller taste as raw, unpasteurized Coconut water. The fresh Coconut Water from the young Coconut is so much sweeter and more coconuty tasting. When I was tight on time and couldn't find a worker at the store to cut open the coconut, I would buy the store bought coconut water that comes in a bottle or those little packaged bottles.
But finally, I could not belief what I saw sitting on the refrigerated section with big words...100% Raw Coconut Water. I shoved that bottle out of the shelf and brought it up close to me to find out if this is TRULY what I think it is! Some of you know that I like to get the inside scoop on what I consume. I first looked for the way they process their product. They use a heatless high pressure process to keep the product stable for a short while and to avoid denaturing it. Ingredients: Coconut Water. Loved it! I liked their personal message too printed on the bottle. (I save the philosophical message for the last part of the investigation :p ) 
It tastes just like the water found in the fresh coconut. The store-bought pasturized coconut waters always tasted watered down to me. As if the pasteurization killed all the natural sugar in it.
Whenever I want Coconut water, I reach for Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, or the whole coconut. Seriously. Buy both of them, and compare them for yourself :)
         Easy High Vibe Coconut Water Wheat Grass Drink
                                                      Coconut water meets Wheat grass
At the store the other day I walked by the café bar and thought of drinking a shot of wheat grass (my parents must feel so relieved). As I waited for my shot, I reached for Harmless Harvest raw Coconut water. I poured the coconut water in a cup at the bar, poured the wheat grass in there, and mixed it well. It was so delish. The wheat grass flavor didn't come out too strong, and I mostly tasted the sweet coconut water. I'm thinking of doing round 2 today!
-1 bottle of Harmless Harvest raw Coconut Water (the small or big size you find on the shelf)
-1 shot (an ounce) of fresh wheat grass juice (order at the drink bar of your health grocery store)
Mix well and enjoy! 
Wheat grass Benefits:

  • Wheat Grass juice has a high concentration of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll uses energy from the sunlight to make carbohydrates from Carbon Dioxide and water.  This is what brings life to plants and it is said that we benefit from this by eating the plants.
  • In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs knew about the healing benefits of wheatgrass.
  • Cows fed wheatgrass produced more milk
  • Increases red blood-cell count and lowers blood pressure. 
  • The enzymes in wheatgrass stimulate our metabolism 
  • It is abundant in alkaline minerals to alkalinize our blood.
  • Strong detoxer
  • Protects the liver
  • Helps the body fight off toxins
  • Soothes skin if applied on it.
  • Slows down aging
  • Protects us from radiation
  • It closely resembles hemoglobin (carries oxygen to our blood)
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • It has vitamin K, antioxidants, Calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B12, beta-carotene, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C, Iron, folic acid, and 20 amino acids making it a complete protein source.
  • GLUTEN: Gluten would be found in the endosperm of the wheat grass, and wheat grass juice comes from the grass itself. It is gluten-free. However, Jamba Juice does have a note on their wheatgrass that it contains gluten. This depends on how the wheat grass is harvested and how manufacturers process it.

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