Friday, December 7, 2012

What diet to follow?

What else...High Carb, Zero all kinds of sugar, High Fat, No Meat, or High fruitarian? We have health leaders arguing that nuts are good, nuts are bad, cells run on sugar, sugar is bad, eggs are nutritious, eggs are harmful, raw dairy is mucus forming, raw dairy is healing, Cacao causes anxiety, Cacao offers antioxidants and nourishment, carbs are fattening, carbs give you energy, leafy greens have oxalics and are irritating, leafy greens are blood builders and nourishing, one health leader says meat is bad and we should eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains, while another health leader says whole grains are bad, we should limit fruit intake, and eat meat to satisfaction......WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I EAT?! 

What this tells me is that there is a good and bad to every natural food out there. We should also keep in mind that when someone publishes a book based on their experience with a certain diet, it is THEIR experience. I've noticed people tend to come to their final conclusion about a diet based on their experience. They don't realize that the natural diet they tried, may in fact, not be beneficial for someone else. 

It seems that all the health leaders out there are making us more confused than ever about what is healthy for us. There is so much argument and name calling between our health leaders. One expert will say nuts are packed with nutrition and do a body good, another steps in and says NO, nuts are acid forming, have too many phytates, and cause digestion and teeth problems. Why should we argue over what is healthy and not? Everyone is different. One food may be super beneficial for someone, while for another it may be irritating to his/her digestion. It would be nice if the health leaders could just provide us with information about what that food is good for, rather than if we should eat it or not.

This is an issue I have given a lot of thought about these past few months. When I get into conversations with friends about food/nutrition most of them point out that it is all too confusing and have stopped caring for it. "There is too many contradicting information out there." They say they don't know what to belief anymore. This is just not about fad diets, it is also about "natural/healing" diets. Some experts say a high fat diet of healthy fats is optimal for health and energy, while another expert has a book on how too much fat in the diet causes low energy, mental fog, and leads to clogged dirty arteries. Seriously? It really gets so confusing. I completely understand where people are coming from when they feel stress trying to eat healthy. 

This is how I handle my nutrition sanity amidst this crazy talk...I learn about the foods and see how they affect ME. I use the information out there as a guide, and listen to my stomach. It all comes down to how you, your own body, your own unique body function, settles with a particular food. Bio-individuality. We all have our own unique needs. Someone can feel grounded with energy on a high fat diet, while another person will feel sluggish with digestion issues. I for example, don't do so good with Coconut Water, even fresh from the whole coconut. It is highly advertised to consume coconut water for its amazing health benefits, but I tend to get bloated after drinking it, so I choose not to spend money on it. You may hear that one food is bad because of this and that, but really it gives YOU energy and mental clarity. Keep it simple, and go out there, have fun trying out new foods and discovering what suits yourself. 

One more thing. When I hear about a food being good, yet another source says it is bad, and I know it was produced by nature, I decide to stay in the middle and experiment with it, as long as it came from the soil and was not created by man. Foods from nature are for us to fuel ourselves on, we just need to find out for ourselves which ones suit us our own genetic make up. 

I hope this helps you in your health path. I like that this is my first blog post. There is so much confusing information out there, but it really comes down to how we react with those foods. Through my blog I will be providing nutritional information, with certain limits on nutritional recommendation. I hope to bring you information to help with your decisions, but I am careful on saying what you should and shouldn't eat. 

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