Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Final Exam Fuel!

Here is my Final Exams Week prep. While others are stacking up on bagels and sugar ladened coffee, I'm eating Bee Pollen, black coffee with raw grass fed butter stirred in, and lots of Spring Water. Sometimes it does look weird when I bring in these foods to my classes, but it is so worth it in the end. People get curious about what I have with me, some give it evil or worried looks after I say what it's called (I wonder why this is), and others get very intrigued. So anyway, this is how I began my Friday in preparation for finals. I did a little bit of Intermittent Fasting in the morning, and broke my fast with this easy absorbable, nutrient dense mixture.

I have re-introduced Bee Pollen into my eats so I'm starting out with small doses (1 teaspoon or less) and will be increasing it as the weeks come. This is a whole food. Don't be worried about consuming too much. Eat as much as you can handle. Then I had about 2 cups of coffee (the usual for me) with a spoonful of butter to provide me with good fats for long sustained energy until my next meal (this class is 3 hours long).Butter is easy to digest and gets converted into energy quickly. I get my raw organic butter from Organic Pastures. I believe it is the only raw butter on the market in Santa Cruz so far. Other towns may have their local raw butters to sell.

Chocolate breaky! This was my study snack before dinner. Unfortunately, the Bliss Bars are a little expensive for someone who seeks more volume of food when purchasing. Keep in mind this chocolate is made out of wild crafted organic cacao blended with amazonian herbs and superfoods. The ingredients are pretty awesome, except for the agave. It is deffinitly not a frequent treat to have if you are on a budget, but it is so nutrient dense and rich in flavor that it makes for a satisfying snack and worth the purchase. It is about $4. I found this one on sale for $1.50! Inside the glass jar is coconut butter with cacao. I found this product at Whole Foods Market in Marin County. Don't be worried you may eat at the whole jar because it will fill you up after like 3 spoonfuls! It is incredibly delicious and filling. I want to try their plain coconut butter next time. The Cacao flavored one is perfectly sweetened with coconut sugar. You can find out more about the Bliss Bar and its wonderful creators here :)

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